“We have two key requirements when considering the merits of copy editors and proofreaders: attention to detail and reliability. Stan Carey excels in meeting those criteria. He is also extremely helpful and a joy to work with. As publishers, we work across a variety of subject areas, and Stan has worked with us on travel guides, poetry, essays, art and photography collections and cookbooks (recipes are a whole other field of expertise, and Stan was excellent here too). In all these areas, he proved to be a highly accomplished editor and proofreader. We have no hesitation in strongly recommending Stan Carey.”

Mary Ruddy
Editorial Director, Artisan House Publishing, Connemara

* * *

“We’re a UK-based marketing consultancy. Our clients include household names like Walmart, Norton and Sainsbury’s. Stan helps us to edit and proofread our copy. He is reliable, thorough and competent – reassuring qualities when our clients expect our copy to be perfect first time. The depth of Stan’s knowledge is very impressive. I always learn something from his comments and corrections. It’s clear that Stan loves his work and takes great pride in the finished product. If it’s worth being written, it’s worth having it proofread and edited by Stan.”

C. Anderson
Partner, CMW, UK

* * *

“Stan Carey has been copy-editor of Ireland’s Education Yearbook, published by Education Matters, for a number of years now. It is wonderful to work with a person who is so consistently reliable, who liaises so well with authors, who has a natural interest and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter, and above all who has a way with words. Stan is a very talented copy-editor, and feedback confirms that authors in the Yearbook are delighted to have the benefit of his final check and edit of their submissions without detriment to the meaning.”

Phyllis Mitchell,
Publisher, Education Matters
Galway, Ireland

* * *

“I have been working with Stan Carey on a weekly basis since 2016, and he has been a great support in our translations into English. Thanks to Stan’s accurate proofreading, all our final translations are of a native standard. He always delivers on time, and he adds value with good remarks. He is an exceptionally agreeable and reliable person to work with.”

Anne Myrsky
A.M. TRANSlation Services

* * *

“Stan Carey has helped Totaljobs Group with a number of data-led projects over the past five years. Working across a variety of topics and formats, Stan has consistently been our go-to for editing and copy writing, with strong attention to detail and reliability in meeting both the briefing requirements and the time constraints. His feedback has always been so sharp and relevant that everyone in the team has valued his input and enjoyed working with him. Last but not least, Stan is a very lovely person to deal with and work with, making the collaboration and partnership even more valuable.”

Mimouna Mahdaoui
Senior Manager of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy, StepStone

* * *

“Stan worked for me on a number of reports in the area of women’s rights and human rights. I was completely satisfied with his editing, which was thorough, thoughtful, and effective. He improved the readability and layout of the text, clarifying points without changing the meaning, and he was always willing to give advice on points of English grammar and usage. I would have no hesitation in recommending his editing service.”

Noirín Clancy
Women’s Human Rights Alliance, Dublin

* * *

“After completing a master’s programme as part of a senior management course, I was keen to maximise the potential of my thesis. Stan Carey was highly recommended to me by one of his clients, who told me that he possessed a very sharp eye for detail.

I found Stan to be extremely accommodating, proactive and someone who demonstrates exceptional attention to detail. His vast editing experience, very firm grasp of grammar, and constructive feedback assisted greatly in fine-tuning my thesis. He made himself available at short notice and provided very helpful insights into thesis structure and layout.

I cannot recommend Stan highly enough as someone who strives to make any written academic submission achieve its potential. I received a very strong 1st class honours grade for my thesis.”

Johnny Whittaker
Commandant, Irish Defence Forces

* * *

“We produce CruiseTimes, a hundred-page B2B publication on the cruise industry. We’ve published three issues a year since 2016, and we engage Stan Carey for his proofreading expertise. Not only has he given us a very clear and workable style sheet, but he has also removed a huge portion of the stress we would otherwise experience during production and before printing.

Stan works efficiently, and he has prompted and guided us on so many occasions to improve readability, spelling, and grammar. He also assists with copy-editing when required. I would recommend Stan without hesitation to anyone looking for a professional proofreading or copy-editing service.”

Frances Gannon
Editor, CruiseTimes
County Mayo, Ireland

* * *

“Innovation is a broad subject, laden with jargon and complex processes and models. After writing a book on innovation management for senior managers, I was faced with the challenge of demystifying an extremely complex topic in order to deliver clear and concise insight to busy managers.

Stan Carey helped enormously. He worked closely with me to get the language and flow just right. He also helped to unscramble many of my thoughts into clear prose. I highly recommend Stan. I couldn’t have completed the book without his editing and proofreading. He is skilled, professional and easy to work with.”

Gerard Harkin
Brighton, UK

* * *

“Getting a doctoral thesis ready for final submission is time-consuming and frustrating, as it seems so close to submission, and yet so far, when one thinks of the proofreading and final editing in terms of tables, figures, punctuation, appendices, table of contents, page numbers and so on.

This is where Stan was invaluable. His attention to detail in all of these areas along with grammar, sentence structure, references and overall layout was amazing. Stan engaged with the content and offered suggestions for more context-specific words, which was very helpful and added to the overall thesis.

I highly recommend Stan for all proofreading or editing work and know that his attention to detail contributed to my overall result and recent winning of an international award for my thesis.”

Dr. Fiona King
Mayo, Ireland

* * *

“Stan Carey’s expertise was invaluable in the completion of my book, Seven Soccer Skills. He is accommodating and punctual in his work and inspires confidence. The attention to detail and accuracy in Stan’s work is most reassuring and significantly improved the quality of my book. He is a person you can trust, and you will most certainly not regret using his services. I highly recommend Stan Carey for all editing and proofreading work.”

Trevor McMullan
Author, Seven Soccer Skills

* * *

“We have worked with Stan Carey Editing for several years. Whenever a customer requests proofreading or editing – whether it’s for a website, brochure, cover letter, press release, or advert – Stan’s diligent proofreading ensures that the text we generate for marketing is always correct, which in turn ensures that our customers’ copy is always professional. This, combined with a rapid turnaround time, makes Stan’s editing a service we could not do without.”

Ollie Walsh M.B.S., M.M.I.I.
(formerly Micromarketing, Galway)

* * *

After I wrote my first book, Stan Carey was highly recommended to me as an editor. When his work came back, I honestly couldn’t believe he had gone into so much detail and depth. I know Stan’s editing skills have transformed my work and made for a far better book.

Ruaidhri Prendergast
Author, The Game Changer Formula

* * *

“During the final stressful weeks of my M.Sc. thesis, Stan Carey was recommended to me to proofread my thesis. Stan’s work significantly improved the quality and readability of my writing – on which even my professor commented. While working with him I found Stan to be proactive and efficient, and his accommodating way of working gave me great peace of mind. The result was a high-quality thesis and a distinction for my master’s.

I would always recommend Stan to work his magic on your work.”

Amsterdam, Netherlands

* * *

“We were delighted with Stan Carey as an editor, advisor and companion during the production of our magazine, The Time Traveller. We can highly recommend his work ethic. With his perfectionist approach he resolved our fears of producing our magazine in the first place, and we can assure everyone who contemplates working with him: You will not regret it!”

The Time Traveller’s Bookshop
Cork, Ireland

* * *

“I enlisted Stan Carey to proofread and sub-edit Irish Vintage Scene, and I always found Stan very helpful and professional. Because our magazine is monthly, time was never on our side and I never had a problem with Stan – he would work unsociable hours to ensure that the magazine’s content was proofed and edited correctly. For the time Stan worked for us we never had an error in the magazine, as he was very thorough. I would highly recommend Stan if you want a professional, fast, and efficient service.”

Thomas Heavey
Editor, Irish Vintage Scene, Moyvilla, Oranmore, Co. Galway

* * *

“Stan Carey copy-edited my draft manuscript for On Your Doorstep: Moths and Butterflies of Connemara (published by Matador in 2016): a 257-page book of considerable complexity, containing as it does some 200+ images and detailed descriptions of over 120 species of butterflies and moths. The improvements Stan made to my often-convoluted text were comprehensive and really made a great difference to the finished text. Many buyers of the book have commented on how easy and indeed pleasurable it is to read. I know that this is largely due to the improvements Stan suggested.

I was surprised, when I received the copy-edited manuscript back from Stan, that he had checked literally everything: species names in Latin and in Irish, as well as quite arcane text. The copy-edited manuscript was returned to me promptly and ahead of time, and it reflected great attention to detail. I’m so grateful for his work, and I know that the finished product was vastly improved by Stan’s input. I recommend him very highly. I feel I can do so with some justification, having struggled through writing and presenting my own MSc and PhD theses, and having proofread with great annoyance many of my students’ theses and dissertations. Most of them would have benefited greatly from Stan’s assistance.”

Dr Heather Greer
Connemara, Galway

* * *

“I’ve worked with Stan Carey on a number of projects, ranging from peer-reviewed journal articles to newspaper opinion-editorials and smaller magazine pieces. Because of his extraordinary editorial skills and attention to detail, many of my submissions were accepted on the first round and often without need of further edits. He has an incredible knack for removing unnecessary jargon and rephrasing statements in ways that help to streamline the flow of ideas. And he returns your work at lightning speed. For editing and proofreading services, Stan is my first and only choice.”

Jakari Griffith Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Bridgewater State University

* * *

“When completing a research thesis, the last thing on your mind is ensuring that the finer grammatical and stylistic issues are the best they possibly can be. I was fortunate that a Google search found Stan, without whom my thesis would have fallen short of the mark. Stan is one of only a handful of professionals that I can say truly has your best interests at heart. He is also patient and flexible, he maintains the integrity of the original content, and lastly he really cares!”

Vicky Andrews
Trinity College Dublin

* * *

“I recently developed ForaChange, an online resource for campaigners, activists, and non-profit organisations on designing and executing digital strategies for social change. The website contains a wealth of content, and I am extremely grateful to Stan for copy-editing and proofreading it all. His input and diligence were invaluable. My hope for ForaChange is that it is accessible as possible for users, and Stan undoubtedly helped me to achieve this.”

Craig Dwyer
Founder, ForaChange

* * *

“Towards the end of writing my Master’s thesis in sustainable energy, a friend recommended Stan Carey as a proofreader and editor to ensure the highest possible quality of my work. He did not disappoint!

From the first point of contact, Stan was professional and showed great commitment to his work. Stan’s edits and formatting work are impeccable and significantly improved the quality and fluency of my thesis. I highly recommend him as an editor and proofreader!”

Katharina Doyle

* * *

“Stan Carey edited and proofread my graphic novel about the birth of my hometown football club, Preston North End: The Rise of the Invincibles. I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with Stan. He was always professional, always quick, and offered informed changes to my book, providing reference points where required – which was quite something, given the dialogue was from Victorian times. His attention to detail is fantastic, and gave me great confidence throughout the process. Any changes were explained efficiently and politely. Stan displayed a great knowledge of grammar and the spoken word, and his love of his work is obvious.

I couldn’t recommend Stan highly enough and will certainly be contacting him for my next work. Take a bow, Stan Carey – The Guardian of Grammar!”

Michael Barrett
Invincible Books, Preston, UK

* * *

“Writing an MA thesis is a hard and stressful process. It’s even more stressful when you need to focus on redrafting your work. That’s when I encountered Stan Carey’s editing and proofreading services. I found Stan very professional from the first moments, and I knew I could trust him to proofread my work. Stan did an amazing job editing my thesis quickly and efficiently and giving it more clarity and fluency. His help was invaluable, and I didn’t have to worry that something might have been phrased awkwardly. Stan’s knowledge as an editor and proofreader is extraordinary. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Ewa Kaminska
University College Dublin

* * *

“I called upon Stan’s services for help with editing articles and a thesis. They needed a full review of formatting and style, along with a deep proofread and edit of the content to ensure it made sense and flowed nicely. Stan exceeded my expectations – he completed this work professionally, thoroughly and efficiently, kept me informed of progress throughout and, as a direct result of his expert knowledge and help, I had a polished product that won an international student award.

I am delighted to have found him and I will definitely be using his services again. I can recommend him most highly to anyone who requires a professional editor or proofreader.  Thanks again, Stan!”

Dr Corina Grace
Grace Consulting, Dublin

* * *

“Stan has been of invaluable help to me by editing five of my novels. The manuscripts that pass through his hands are enormously improved by the changes he makes and suggests; the final result is always a sharper, easier-reading text. I trust him completely and know that any changes he suggests will lend towards a clearer, more correct and more focused piece of prose. I have learned a great deal about how to write more succinctly from the comments Stan helpfully includes, and working with him has made me a better writer. His service is professional, prompt and of the highest standard, and I would unreservedly recommend it to any writer who wishes to give a manuscript a polish prior to submission or publication.”

Ultan Cronin
Madrid, Spain

* * *

“Stan Carey was first recommended to me while I was completing a master’s degree in Training and Development. The Dean was to correct my thesis and I knew that getting a professional proofreader was essential.

Stan is simply fantastic, and his expertise in comprehension of the English language and its complicated grammar is outstanding. However, his true skill lies in giving you options, suggestions to improve your text, rather than wanting to change it into his. He will keep the feel, the flow of your writing and just suggest changes to make it clearer, sharper, easier for the reader to understand.

When the thesis was returned the Dean made a special mention of the proofreading – even commending the proofreader, something I have never heard of happening before. Since then Stan has done occasional work for my company, checking ads, presentations and various texts for errors and ambiguity. His critical eye provides us with great peace of mind and ensures that we get our message across in a professional manner. We would strongly recommend him and his editing services to any individual, organisation, or business.”

Managing Director, International Centre for Security Excellence, 1 Flood Street, Galway
+353 (0)91 534918

* * *

“I contacted Stan during the final stages of my thesis, and from the very beginning the correspondence eased my stress. His ability, professionalism and efficient service were clear from the outset. It was easy to recognise the skill and passion he has for literature, and somehow it reignited interest back into my writing. The final piece of work was perfectly edited and proofread. I cannot recommend Stan enough.”

Co. Fermanagh

* * *

“I always knew that writing an M.Sc. thesis would be a challenge. However, I was incredibly lucky that Stan was willing to not only edit and proofread my work but also guide me through the process. I could go on about just how important it is to seek out the best possible proofreader (Stan Carey, if you must know). But I will let my results validate this instead: first-class honours and the DIT Gold Medal student excellence award 2012.”

Michael O’Meara
Chef and owner of Oscar’s Seafood Bistro, Galway city

* * *

“Stan is an excellent, skilful, highly reliable editor and proofreader. He came to my rescue several times, and I feel that I can count on him. He’s friendly, patient, punctual, and meticulous, and he always responds quickly to my email. I would definitely recommend Stan’s editing service.”


* * *

“Our independent research group, Community Works, has delegated a number of community development reports to Stan Carey for editing. Some reports required a basic proofread for typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Others needed a more in-depth edit to reduce the word count and to make the text more coherent and effective. All these jobs were done without fuss or delay. Stan’s editing work is of a very high standard and enhances any report we send his way. We will certainly continue our working relationship with him.”

Josephine Lally
Community Works, Rushveala, Oughterard, Co. Galway

* * *

“Last year I was rewriting my doctoral thesis and needed the help of a proofreader. I was drawn to Stan Carey’s website and read through his clients’ testimonials, then decided to send an email to enquire. I can wholeheartedly agree with those individuals now, having worked with Stan. From the very first correspondence he was not only informative but reassuring. His constructive feedback was timely and his extraordinary attention to detail – regarding formatting, sentence structure, grammar and referencing – proved invaluable and improved the coherence and readability of my thesis considerably.

It is clearly evident that Stan loves his work and is exceptionally skilled at what he does. I cannot recommend Stan’s proofreading and editing services highly enough to anyone who needs work reviewed. I am in no doubt that Stan’s help and advice greatly contributed to the success of my thesis. Thank you again most sincerely, Stan.”

Dr Sinead P. Corrigan
Queens University Belfast

* * *

“Stan Carey proofread my dissertation in the period leading up to Christmas and after. He was impeccably professional and helpful. The work he did ensured that my dissertation was polished and academically sound. I would not hesitate to recommend Stan and indeed, I intend to use his expertise again this year. His suggestions and observations were acute and he picked up on many things I had missed. His work gave me great confidence and again, I recommend him with the utmost confidence.”

Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology (GMIT), Galway

* * *

“I would like to thank Stan Carey for his excellent service. He was extremely accommodating even at short notice, and did not only proofread my master’s thesis but elevated it to a different level with his editing and referencing skills. Stan’s extraordinary attention to detail resulted in a highly polished and superbly tuned document, which was instrumental in achieving a 1st class honours for my research.”

Ulrich Hoeche
Culinary Arts Technician, GMIT, Galway

* * *

“Stan completely transformed my MA thesis in Musicology. He was both efficient and competent, and his love for his job was evident from the first day I got in touch with him. He offered wonderful quality work on what was a very quick turn around, and I can’t thank him enough for easing the stress in the final weeks of writing my thesis. I definitely learned a lot from the editing process and the finished product looked extremely professional. The service was also very affordable. I couldn’t have done it without him and will certainly be recommending him to others.”


* * *

“Stan Carey’s proofreading service added an extra layer of professionalism to my thesis. Stan’s attention to detail ensured that my thesis submission was flawless, particularly improving its grammar, formatting and referencing. Throughout my experience with Stan our lines of communication were excellent, resulting in a great service.”

Cork, Ireland

* * *

“I unreservedly recommend Stan Carey’s editing service. During the final weeks of my PhD I contacted Stan to edit my 100,000-word PhD thesis, after he was recommended by a colleague at NUI, Galway. Initially, I was worried that an editor might negatively affect my thesis. However, without Stan I would never have made my submission deadline.

Stan’s work is impeccable. He is utterly professional and edited my thesis with extreme precision. Stan’s strengths were: he was able to edit according to my specific needs; he kept to strict deadlines; he was flawless in ensuring consistency of style and terminology; and he ensured correct internal citations. Moreover, he made many suggestions for improving my writing style and syntax, and ensured the high standard that was required for a PhD thesis.

I intend to continue to use Stan’s services in the future, and I wholeheartedly endorse his work. If you need a thesis or piece of writing edited, then have no doubts – Stan is your man!”

National University of Ireland, Galway

* * *

“Stan edited a law dissertation and several essays for me. I found his editing a very reliable and efficient service, providing a reassuring review of grammar and punctuation in an unobtrusive way that did not undermine the integrity of the text.”


* * *

“I would like to offer my sincerest thanks to you for your care and attention to detail. I think it goes without saying that you have helped to present my work in a manner that would have been impossible for me to achieve on my own. Hopefully we will be in contact again.”

Waterford Institute of Technology

* * *

“I have engaged Stan Carey’s editing service over a number of years and find his assistance invaluable. Stan offers a quality, affordable and efficient service. I can highly recommend working with him.”

Norma Hanley

A set of tiles from the game Bananagrams, spelling out the text 'Stan Carey Editing and Proofreading'.